Konstitutet, Malmö, Nov.11, 2016

Let’s talk about direct urbanism
conference at Konstitutet, Malmö (S)
Offkonst III: http://www.konstitutet.se/transparadiso-visit/

talk by transparadiso and discussion with Kerstin Bergendal (artist) and Daniel Möller (housing company)

Direct Urbanism
The Role of Art and Artistic Strategies for Socially Engaged Urban Planning
A presentation of urban-artistic tools and strategies for creating / reframing / expanding the urban context by addressing urban issues in their complexity of social and societal issues as method for a process orientated urban planning: A method transparadiso calls Direct Urbanism, exemplified by the projects „Paradise Enterprise“ (Judenburg/ Austria, 2012-2014, ongoing) and „Request for the Unrequested Voluntary Interlinguisticality“ (Pottenhofen / A, 2016).