Jane Rendell
Director of Architectural Research
The Bartlett School of Architecture
London / GB

Montag, 27.Juni 2011, 18:30
Künstlerhauspassage Karlsplatz, k/haus

From Critical Spatial Practice to Site-Writing

This paper explores how I have been evolving the meaning of the term ‘critical spatial practice’ from my earlier understanding of it as a form of urban art/architecture intervention to my later writings where it operates as a form of spatialised criticism. Initially I argued that the term ‘critical spatial practice’ allows us to describe work that transgresses the limits of art and architecture and engages with both the social and the aesthetic, as well as the interstitial spaces between public and private. The concept of critical spatial practice aimed to draw attention not only to the importance of the critical, but also to the spatial, indicating the interest in exploring the specifically spatial aspects of interdisciplinary processes or practices that operate between art and architecture. I will discuss the derivation of the term with reference to the work of Michel de Certeau and Henri Lefebvre, and elaborate how certain aspects of critical spatial practice – sites, objects and subjects – get played out through particular works – specifically with reference to debates around site/non-site/off-site, dialectical constructions, and forms of social engagement in art. I will conclude by exploring how my current practice of site-writing aims to perform acts of critical spatial practice through the writing of criticism, giving a reading from my new collection of essays.

Video: lecture Jane Rendell 27.06.2011

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