english version: Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill
publisher/author of “Locating the Producers.
Durational Approaches to Public Art” 2011 / Bristol /GB

monday,16.05. 2011, 18:30
Festsaal, main entrance University ot Technology Vienna
Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna
Locating the Producers: Durational research and durational public art practice?

This presentation will provide an introductory outline to a unique research project investigating a range of longer-term durational commissioning strategies in public art. O’Neill will show how and why artists and curator-producers are adopting durational approaches to commissioning contemporary art for specific places and how each process conceives of time as part of a cumulative curatorial practice.  This international research project employs a unique methodological innovation in the use of combined focus-group and case-study process that systematically mobilises multiple critical perspectives in constructing a dynamic assessment of how durational methods of research reflect upon the different curatorial methodologies as counter-spectacles.