• www.limes-trs.org
  • Authors: BARTHA Lóránd / VÁNYOLÓS Endre / PÁSZTOR István
  • Location: Klausenburg / Transylvania / Romania
  • Year: 2012 > ongoing
  • Budget: only applications done yet


For the limes initiative, the limit lies (expands, in fact) between the anthropic and natural area, urban and rural, built and non-built urban area, between architecture and urbanism: at the verge of both disciplines or means of professional practice. limes thinks globally but concentrates it’s action on a network of regions.

1. Limes should be a platform for collaboration in solving actual urban planning and architecture problems within the Central Eastern European urban and rural context. Professionals and professors would lead workshops for students and young architects in solving a specific problem in a town or village.

2. Limes should be a platform for regional architecture: a vital scale for (self)sustainable communities, interaction between the interconnected Central Eastern European regions, looking at content, rooted architecture by means of local materials, techniques and resources, that aims development instead of nostalgia.

3. The first limes project is setting up an exhibition material of contemporary Transylvanian architecture for touring Central and Eastern European regions, in exchange for local materials.

The limes initiative has started building up a small network and is working on funding it’s first projects. We are looking forward for ideas, proposals, partnerships.

about the organization structure of limes

limes is the initiative of a loose network of Transylvanian architects and urbanists, that intends to develop both locally and internationally, as workshop, curatorship and cross-regional platform building projects are realised.

limes was founded 2012 by BARTHA Lóránd, arch. / urb. ADA studio / blokad / OAR BV-CV-HR (Bra?ov / Kronstadt), VÁNYOLÓS Endre, arch. / urb., Planwerk (Cluj / Klausenburg, Szeklerland), PÁSZTOR István, arch. / urb., blipsz!, AREA3 (Cluj / Klausenburg)