Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich


lower austrian culture
art in public space

Since the eighties a number of art projects have been evolving in public space in Lower Austria.

About 500 works were produced by 2011. Every two years these are documented in the “Published Art” volumes.

The artworks run the gamut from autonomous sculptures, installations in a town setting to temporary contextualization and communicative intervention, design of squares, concepts of monuments and art projects produced together with the inhabitants. The Lower Austria Culture Act of 1996 contains a new pooling stipulation that expands the possibility for art in public space and counteracts imposed pleasures and superficial aesthetics. The funds for the individual projects are no longer bound in terms of percentage to individual building projects as in the case of classical art in construction but are rather pooled annually. From this pool, all art projects in public space are financed. Pursuant to the new law not just interdisciplinary forms of art but also temporary installations are financed in this way.

Advisory Committee beginning September 2013

Rafael Ecker (Manager „Kreativ in Niederösterreich“)
Petra Eichlinger (Director of the Building Department, Goverment of Lower Austria)
Nikolaus Gansterer (Artist)
Folke Köbberling (Artist)

Wolfgang Krejs (former director of the building department Krems)
Cornelia Offergeld (Curator)
Ursula Maria Probst (Artist, Curator)
Maren Richter (Curator)
Michael Rieper (Architect)