SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space


About the project SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space

The Trust’s vision for the SCAPE Christchurch Biennials is for Christchurch people to be excited, engaged and stimulated by the contemporary public art which is well regarded and known by the national and international art world.
Held in Christchurch’s central city public spaces and supported through a range of partnerships SCAPE is renowned for showcasing leading international contemporary artists as well as being a springboard for new local talent.
SCAPE has a legacy of high impact public art in Christchurch its gifting programme of six permanent artworks and commissioning of more than 150 temporary public artworks to date provides a unique point of difference for the city, enhancing the urban centre and raising the profile for public art in Christchurch.

Est. 2000, currently in its 6th biennial. Each biennial lasts 6 weeks. In conjunction with display of temporary artist projects for SCAPE, the Art & Industry Biennial Trust project manages a permanent artwork which is gifted to the city at the launch of each SCAPE event.
SCAPE Curators invite artists to submit stage 1 proposals based on selected sites, artists are then invited to enter the stage 2 costing and feasibility stage, pending approvals artists participation is then confirmed. SCAPE is delivered every 2 years. Artist Project numbers vary from INSERT NUMBER in 2008 to 7 temporary artist projects and 1 permanent artwork in 2010.

About the Art & Industry Biennial Trust – Board of Trustees

The Art & Industry Biennial Trust was founded by Deborah McCormick & in 1999.