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Planning Unplanned – Exploring the New Role of the Urban Practitioner


The conference takes place in cooperation with KÖR Wien (Public Art Vienna) in the frame of the Vienna Art Week 2012.

Concept and Organisation
Barbara Holub/ Institute of Art and Design 1/ Vienna University of Technology
and Christine Hohenbüchler / Institute of Art and Design 1/ Vienna University of Technology

in cooperation with Paul Rajakovics (Department of Housing and Design), Rudolf Scheuvens (IFOER) as well as Anette Baldauf, Stefan Gruber, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/ Workshop 3).

19. – 20. November 2012
– workshops (invited participants)
– lectures, workshop-report and discussion (14-22:00,

TU Wien/ Kontaktraum, Gusshausstr. 25-29/ DG, 1040 Wien

In a context of deindustrialization, deregulation and privatization, artists have joined architects and urban planners to assume an ever more important role in the restructuring of cities. The aim of this international symposium is to discuss and reposition these urban practitioners’ activity: what significance do artistic practices gain in view of the increasingly investor-oriented (urban) planning? What tools and methods have urban practitioners developed so far, and how have they experienced cross-disciplinary cooperation? What conditions are needed for artistic and experimental urban strategies to enter into the current planning practice? How can such strategies resist exploitation for neoliberal interests and facilitate the social effectiveness of future-oriented, innovative ideas? The international symposium is conceived as a productive event combining workshops, public lectures and discussions. It addresses both practitioners and theorists interested in discussing the possibilities for an independent implementation of their artistic and urbanistic practices within processes of urban development.

Specific artistic formats will be developed for the workshops, which will be attended by experts on various disciplines and representatives of municipal departments responsible for urban planning. These formats can be experienced firsthand as new tools and methods of communication and production for current urbanism-related issues, and we will be exploring their potential for implementation in the (planning) practice. The results of the workshops will be presented to the public and put up for discussion before each evening lecture. Contributions to the symposium will form an integral part of the publication “Planning Unplanned”, which will round off an eponymous research project carried out in 2013 under the direction of Barbara Holub at the Institute of Art and Design 1 (Vienna University of Technology).

The workshops will focus in concrete terms on the issues and implementation possibilities of the urban practitioner. The participants invited consist of the lecturers, along with artists, architects, urbanists, theoreticians, politicians and planning officials of public authorities, as well as experts with backgrounds from sociology to new economic strategies for commons.

Specific artistic formats are developed for the workshops so that new tools and methods of communication and production for current urban issues can be experienced directly and their potentials for being deployed in (planning) practice can be sounded out.
In a workshop with students from the Technical University and the Academy of Fine Arts, artist Folke Köbberling is creating a spatial setting for the contact space. Performative warm-up exercises for the workshop will be prepared by Georg Winter and Barbara Holub.
The moderators will report from the workshops to the public audience before the evening lectures, so that the issues raised can be further discussed.

The workshops address the following topics:
1_ Tools and strategies of the urban practitioner: in this workshop, already familiar and possible new tools, roles and strategies of the various players in the urban space are explored.
2_Collaboration, cooperation, participation explores the potential of conflicts as a productive force and critically investigates arguments for and against current forms of participation and cooperation.
3_urban practitioners and Commons discusses ownership, access and social justice
4_After the applause brings up for discussion the longer-term effects of urban interventions and summarises concrete possibilities of establishing the urban practitioner.

SCHEDULE Symposium

Participants include
Markus Ambach(artist and curator, MAP Projects, Düsseldorf) | Anette Baldauf (sociologist, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) | Regina Bittner (cultural scientist, Bauhaus-Universität, Dessau) | Angelika Burtscher (Osservatoria Urbano, Bolzano) | Stefan Gruber (architect, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) | Christine Hohenbüchler (artist, Vienna University of Technology) | Barbara Holub (artist, Vienna University of Technology) | Grant Kester (art theoretician, UCSD, San Diego) | Torange Khonsari (architect, public works, London) | Folke Köbberling (artist, Koebberling Kaltwasser, Berlin) | Inge Manka (architect, Vienna University of Technology) | Yvette Masson Zanussi (European Forum for Architectural Policies, Brussels) | Markus Miessen (architect, architecture theoretician, Städelschule, Frankfurt) | Paul O ́Neill (artist, curator, art theoretician, Bristol) | Alisa Prudnikova (curator, Ural Industrial Biennial, Ekaterinburg) | Paul Rajakovics (architect, transparadiso) | Rudolf Scheuvens (urban planner, Vienna University of Technology) | Lisa Schmidt-Colinet (architect, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) | Mick Wilson (artist, curator, art theoretician, Valand Academy of Arts, Gothenburg ) | Georg Winter (artist, Academy of Fine Arts Saar, Saarbrücken) et al.

Admission is free of charge.. Seat availability is, however, limited.
Therefore please register by sending an email to: conference@urban-matters.org
Institute of Art and Design1| Faculty of Architecture | Vienna University of Technology | Karlsg.11| 1040 Wien | Austria

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