urban matters


Casa Rio Lab

Casa Rio Lab
Buenos Aires / Argentina
1991 > ongoing


Ailbhe Murphy, Director
1983 > onging


Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti

deseo urbano

transparadiso (Barbara Holub/ Paul Rajakovics)
Valparaíso / Chile
2000 - 2001

Fallen Fruit

David Burns, Austin Young, Matias Viegener (2004-2013)
Los Angeles
2004 > ongoing


Oliver Schuette, Marije van Lidth de Jeude
San José/ Costa Rica
2002 > ongoing

Granville CUBE

Public Works (Sandra Denicke-Polcher, Torange Khonsari, Andreas Lang, Kathrin Böhm)
South Kilburn, London / UK
2005 > ongoing

Hotel Charleroi

Adrien Tirtiaux (BE), Antoine Turillon (FR) and Hannes Zebedin (AT).
2010 to 2014

KoCA Inn

Daniela Brasil, Bernhard König
Weimar/ Graz
2008 > ongoing


Bolzano / Italy
2003 > ongoing


Brescia, Italy
2012 > ongoing

Metro Cable Project

Urban-Think Tank
San Agustin- Caracas / Venezuela
2003 > ongoing (built: 2007- 2010)


Kathrin Böhm, Wapke Feenstra, Antje Schiffers
Rotterdam, Netherlands
2003 > ongoing


Nexthamburg Plus UG (Julian Petrin)
Hamburg / Germany
2009 > ongoing

Other Sights

Barbara Cole
Vancouver / Canada
2005 > ongoing

Park Fiction

Christoph Schäfer / Margit Czenki
Hamburg / Germany
1994 > ongoing


Lund Cathedral
Lund, Sweden
2017 > 2023


Christoph Wiesmayr, Bernhard Gilli
Hafenviertel- Linz, Austria
2008, 2011 > ongoing


Michelle Lai
2016 > ongoing

The Blue House

Jeanne Van Heeswijk
Amsterdam, Ijburg / NL
2005 > 2009

Vacant Lot

What if: projects Ltd
East London


Wolfgang Zinggl
Vienna / Austria
1993 > ongoing

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architecture, art, art in the region, collaboration, community building, community development, de-industrialization, dying town centers, ecology, empty ground floor areas, engagement in poor neighborhood, growing, growing shopping malls, housing for refugees, land use, NGO, participation, self-initiated, shrinking, socially engaged, UNESCO world heritage, urban development, urban reserve, urban think tank,

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cimmunity development, civic engagement, collaboration, commissioning, commons, community development, cultural policy, design, education, empower, empowerment, environment, failure, heritage, public art, regeneration, regional development, regional issues, socio-political engagement, utopia, visions for a new neighborhood,

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