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Sette per Sette

Osservatorio urbano #4

The project “Sette per Sette / Sieben mal sieben” has been realized within the exhibition Legal Disagreements, curated by Matteo Cavalleri and Luisa Lorenza Corna for Millepiani at Villa Romana Firenze.

Seven people sit together around a table talking. Each person plays a given role: a mayor, a local citizen, a salesman, a tourist, a foreigner and a street artist. Suddenly the discussion is interrupted. Everyone stands up and moves to the seat on his/her left; they each take on the next role, and a new discussion begins.

The presuppositions, the matter and the contents of the film all revolve around the city of Florence. The city is never actually named, however, in order to underline the general value of the problems addressed; contextual issues help to point out that these themes are also relevant for other communities. The discussed issues include the relationship between the city, its magnificent buildings, and mass tourism – the way “normal” everyday life reconcile with such a peculiar way of interacting with a city, the way economy is connected with the city`s daily flow of tourists as well as the concepts of public order and who has the control – either real or perceived – over the city.

The participants are not actors. They bring their personal experiences within the project. Interpreting their roles as individuals who inhabit the city, they reflect upon the possibility of comparing the differing points of view and needs of the archetypes represented in the film. The scenarios are thus countless. The juxtapositions stem from the different mentalities and visions of the participants, and the various roles that they temporarily assume during the discussion group.

Screenplay and Direction: Angelika Burtscher, Roberto Gigliotti and Daniele Lupo
Cast: Curzio Castellan, Claudio Degasperi, Riccardo Franchi, Gianpietro Gai, Andreas Pichler, Teodora Lara Rivadeneira and Monica Trettel
Photography: Daniel Mahlknecht
Editing and Sound: Stefano Bernardi

Trailer Sette per Sette

Osservatorio Urbano/Lungomare (Angelika Burtscher, Roberto Gigliotti, Daniele Lupo)

Angelika Burtscher
Angelika Burtscher was born in Austria, lives in Bolzano, Italy, and works as a designer and curator since 2002. She is a partner in the design studio Lupo & Burtscher, and in 2003 founded the project and exhibition platform Lungomare with Daniele Lupo. In 2010 she co-authored, with Judith Wielander the book “visible – where art leaves its own field and becomes visible as something else (Sternberg Press) and in 2008, with Manuela Demattio and Roberto Gigliotti she wrote “Dream City Us — Exercises for Urban Perception” (Studienverlag, Innsbruck). She was appointed to a research position in the design department at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht in 2009.

Daniele Lupo
Daniele Lupo was born in Heidelberg (GER), lives in Bolzano, Italy, and works as a designer and curator since 2002. He is a partner in the design studio Lupo & Burtscher, and in 2003 founded the project and exhibition platform Lungomare with Angelika Burtscher. Lupo & Burtscher develops communication campaigns, book designs, corporate identities, and communication projects in public space, and works in direct contact with artists and curators to realize exhibition designs and catalogues. In 2009 he co-authored, with Angelika Burtscher, Alvise Mattozzi, and Paolo Volontè, the book “Biografie di oggetti / Storie di cose” (Bruno Mondadori).

Roberto Gigliotti
Architect, lecturer of Interior and Exhibit Design at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano. Since 2004 member of ulapiu – urbanism, landscape, architecture. Currently he combines his teachings with research an project activity about public space and architecture exhibitions. 2008 he co-authored “Dream City Us — Exercises for Urban Perception” (Studienverlag, Innsbruck) with Angelika Burtscher and Manuela Demattio and authored “Casa Tabarelli 1968-2008” (Bozen Bolzano University Press).

Sette per Sette



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