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On urban dynamics in the Andalusian territory (Phase I).
On Urban attributes in specific regions in South America (Phase II)

Andalusia has not escaped the late-capitalist geopolitical and socioeconomic model which has made the entire territory accessible to the city. In fact, perhaps owing to its border status and peripheral position in Europe, it is possible that some of the more characteristic global urban dynamics of the last few years of economic expansion have been aggravated there: speculation, touristisation, proliferation of infrastructures, specialisation, overdevelopment, spatial segregation, etc.
Urban Attributes proposes a framework for reflection and debate on the contemporary city, through interactive and propositional work and research dynamics developed in different activities. Through this work, and with an extensive work group made up of local agents and multidisciplinary collectives, the project approach the unsettling urban surroundings of the Andalusian territory in search of the attributes that will help to name their urban reality.
Adjectivisations and subjectivisations on different areas for study generated a set of relationships which, acted as a knowledge relationship, revealing new issues with which to work from and for the city. Critical proposals, interpretations and projects on different fields of study confirm that normal tools are of little use when tackling the urban processes the project is witnessing, and hence expose the need to find the guidelines which determine other ways of constituting cities in different enclaves.

The project had a first phase, promoted by MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos from 2007-2008 supported by the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art. Results where uploaded at the website 2008-2009.
Second phase is promoted by MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos since 2011 to develop the programme in different South America Urban territories, together with Univertities and Institutions in So Paulo(Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo(Uruguay), Bogotá (Colombia) and Valparaiso (Chile). Results are foreseen to be presented at the Bienal Ibericoamericana 2014.

2007-2009 First Phase / 2011-2014 Second Phase

Financing of the project:
2007-2009 Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art 16.000€/year. Since 2009 there is no external support. MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos invests about 6.000€/year and is asking for support.

more Information about: ATRIBUTOS URBANOS

MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos

Marta Pelegrín +Fernando Pérez. Promoters, directors and main architects at MEDIOMUNDO practice.
Collaborators: Irene Luque, Fabio Orizia, Antonio Alanis.
Scientific Committee, Accademic Reseach group (to whom Pelegrín+Perez also belong) named HUM-666.Research Group University of Seville: Carlos García-Vázquez Senior Lecturer Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture, + Plácido González Lecturer Seville Higher Technical
School of Architecture. University of Seville.

From 2006-2009:
Contributors: Campo de Dalias Campos de Níjar: Eva Luque, Ramón de Torres, Juan Carlos Checa, Javier Peña, Fernando Muñoz and Sergio Corredor.
The Strait of Gibraltar: José Pérez de Lama, Helena Maleno, Javier Toret, Javier Mohedano and Belén Barrigón.
Sevilla SE-30/SE-40: Félix de la Iglesia, José Ramón Moreno, Antonio Molina and Javier
Bay of Cadiz: Ramón Pico, Sebastián Rubiales, Fernando Visedo, Jorge Yeregui and Colectivo
Urban Lab.
Costa del Sol: Rafael Reinoso, José María Romero, Joaquín de Salas, Rafael Duarte and
Students Group from Granada Higher Technical School of Architecture.

Urban attributes was founded 2007 by MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos and Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Marta Pelegrín and Fernando Pérez are responsible for the content of the tasks and topics. Carlos García + Placido González are in charge of compiling the Glossary for attributes, www.atributosurbanos.es/glosario

jury/ board:
Scientific Committee, Accademic Reseach group named HUM-666. Research Group University
of Seville: Carlos García-Vázquez Senior Lecturer Seville Higher Technical School of
Architecture, + Plácido González Lecturer Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture.
University of Seville. Marta Pelegrín Lecturer Seville Higher Technical School of Architecture
+Fernando Pérez(architect).

selection process of the projects:
Related to URBAN ATTRIBUTES: The Study-Areas are proposed by the Scientific Committee, Marta Pelegrín + Fernando Pérez, Carlos García + Plácido González in Coordination with Universities and Institutions on site.

From 2007 to 2009 five areas were studied in the Andalusian Territory.
From 2011 to 2014 six areas are being studied and will be studied in Latin America.



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