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Todos somos la séptima

Todos somos la séptima is an urban intervention aiming at re-qualifying and re-activating public spaces in Bogotá, addressing different themes depending on the situation, to make visible a lack or a conflict related to a certain deficit in public space.

The event was organized by the Mobility Laboratory (MoviLab) of Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and the Pilot University of Colombia. A direct dialogue was sought between the academy, the residents and the people, who continuously pass through that place, by making the use of this public space in a playful way. This intervention in a pedestrian intersection strives to negotiate the relationship of pedestrians, cyclists and cars at this point of Carrera Séptima.

For this purpose, Colectivo Microurbanismo (MU) developed a small-scale intervention: an elemental planning action, aesthetically and socially attractive, achievable in terms of feasibility, agile in terms of realization, creating a kind moment and generating a high impact on the residents.

The intervention carried out by MU aims at returning public space to the citizens in an act of celebration of the public, and demonstrating a critique on a specific problem.



Colectivo Microurbanismo (MU)

Colectivo Microurbanismo was founded with the specific interest of working in public spaces through playful actions that propose other ways of approaching various relevant issues in the city such as mobility, accessibility, equality, culture, coexistence, safety, landscape and the provision of public facilities, etc..

The organisation is promoted by Sharon Figueroa and Camilo Amezquita, architects-urbanists concerned with the city and public space, who share common visions and interests towards the search for practices that imply the improvement and appropriation of public space in the context of urban reality.

At MU we do not work on solutions, we are rather provocateurs of meeting situations, communication and joint reflection.

With this purpose MU seek to generate alliances with public or private institutions and other associations, because they believe in the benefit that these collaborative processes have in the construction of the city. MU has carried out actions in joint collaboration with citizens, to emphasize the interests of pedestrians and make them visible in the city, especially in areas inflicted by diverse conflicts of mobility.

(Project researched by Paul Bogner and Özgür Kocak)

Todos somos la séptima

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