urban matters


projects by categories

biennale, individuals, institutions, organisations,

projects by contexts

ambulant project UrbanCampsite, architecture, art, art in the region, collaboration, community building, community development, de-industrialization, dying town centers, ecology, empty ground floor areas, engagement in poor neighborhood, growing, growing shopping malls, housing for refugees, land use, NGO, participation, reconsidering historical heritage, regeneration of historical areas, Science Park The Art of Tech-Living, self-initiated, shrinking, socially engaged, traffic intersection in Bogotá, UNESCO world heritage, urban development, urban reserve, urban think tank,

projects by issues

accessibility, cimmunity development, civic engagement, coexistence, collaboration, commissioning, commons, community, community development, cultural policy, culture, design, ecology, education, empower, empowerment, environment, equality, failure, heritage, landscape, mobility, public art, public space, regeneration, regional development, regional issues, safety, socio-political engagement, utopia, visions for a new neighborhood, water,

projects by tools

art as tool for conversation, game, game for production of desires, project space, temporary living space,

projects by strategies

acupuncture urbanism, anticipatory fiction, artistic strategies, collective participation, communication, conflict as productive force, dialog and polylog, direct urbanism, expanding the context, macro-utopia, placemaking, production of desires, questioning the brief, research, research through practice, rural practitioner, seminars, shifting roles, shifting the context, temporaray support structures, texts, unlearning, urban curating, urban intervention, urban laboratory, urban practitioner, workshops,