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Macchia’s is a wandering project that aims at reintroducing organic tissues in dead/inorganic and cemented spaces. The concept is inspired by Macchiaioli, an artistic movement active in Tuscany in the second half of nineteenth century, that broke the antiquated conventions taught so far, in favor of a better representation of reality through spots. Macchia’s suggests an urban contamination by direct, voluntary and participated action. It aims at providing tools and methodologies that allow people to reclaim spaces and earth-soil, promoting the creation of a new vegetal issue. Terraces, empty spaces, squares, balconies, and roofs are places where the new ‘macchia’ wants to break in and grow.

The development of Macchia’s is itinerant and will take place in some italian cities: in Brescia, during “Chiarissima Wellbeing Festival”, in Vicenza since September 2012. These are projects of spaces for relations, created utilizing recovered items such as pallets, wooden boxes, plastic bottles, tires, and waste materials from onstruction sites. Their design and construction have a low economic impact and they involve cityzens, shoopkeepers,municipalities, local associations, volunteers and wandering groups. The know-how made available is varied: urban dance groups, designers/craftsmen, farmers, artists, photographers, video makers. Teamwork and operation are essential tools for creation and expansion of spots, each with their own local peculiarities. The spots together generate a network of sustainable behaviors that leave an equally sustainable imprint. This imprint is the three-dimensional result of the project and will create an urban organic tissue where selfbuilt architecture and the green are the characterizing spatial elements.

The aim of the project is that people develop sense of belonging to the urban space. Its duration depends on the care and commitment of the people/citizens involved.

Macchia’s is created by Ubanslow and Spazio Zero with Roberta Abeni, Alessandra Bari, Elena Scaratti.

see more information here: http://urbanslow.com/projectmacchias


Urbanslow is a collective focused on design and investigations of urban landscapes. It was born in 2012 as an informal group of architects, artists, researchers sharing the same mission; to suggest a quality reading of space and time (slow), combining intellectual and handmade capabilities.


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1-3. Macchia’s, Urbanslow



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