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About Beyond

The Municipality of Utrecht has developed a scenario in which the introduction of public art is linked to the urban development of Leidsche Rijn in cooperation with SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space). This scenario: Beyond Leidsche Rijn, the Vinex assignment for art simultaneously uses Leidsche Rijn as a working area and as a point of departure. What does this mean? That art is not regarded as a series of autonomous beacons in a new neighbourhood, but establishes a bond with the architecture, landscaping and urban development. The artists react to specific developments in Leidsche Rijn and Vinex as a phenomenon.

Beyond is an initiative of the Municipality of Utrecht, with the participation of: SKOR (Foundation of Art and Public Space), the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment – IPSV Programme, K.F. Hein Foundation, Elise Mathilde Fund.

Who devised Beyond?
Beyond was devised by a study group led by Peter Kuenzli, former director of Property Development Leidsche Rijn. The group consisted of an artist (Jan van Grunsven), an architecture critic (Bernard Colenbrander), artistic consultants (Tom van Gestel, Govert Grosveld), and a former representative from the department of Cultural Affairs (Mariette Dölle). They wrote the Scenario ‘Beyond Leidsche Rijn, the Vinex assignment for art’.

Who commissioned Beyond?
The mayor and aldermen of Utrecht City Council commissioned Beyond, and delegated it to the director of Property Development Leidsche Rijn and the head of the department of Cultural Affairs.

When did Utrecht Council decide on Beyond?
The council had decided to make funding available for the development of an art project in the public spaces of Leidsche Rijn as early as 1997. The council then commissioned the development of a scenario, which was approved in the summer of 2001. Beyond could begin.

Who has administrative responsibility?
Administrative responsibility is shared between the alderman for Leidsche Rijn Harrie Bosch, and the alderman for culture Cees van Eijk.

Who will implement Beyond?
Beyond will be implemented by Bureau Beyond, a compact project organization of around 10 people. The Artistic Team formulate the commissions and the project coordinators realize the projects in collaboration with the artists. A programme manager oversees the whole operation. Bureau Beyond is based at Beneluxlaan 4 in Utrecht.

How much money is invested in Beyond and who will pay for it?
Beyond has a working budget of 7 million euro over 15 years. Of this around 3.5 million will be provided by Utrecht City Council. The remaining amount will be obtained through sponsoring and subsidies. The Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment (VROM) is contributing €900.000 through the IPSV programme (Innovation Programme for Urban Renewal). The Foundation for Art and Public Space (SKOR) is contributing €550.000 and has a representative on the Artistic Team of Beyond. The K.F. Hein Foundation and the Elise Mathilde Fund have also made financial contributions.

How are the artists and works selected for Beyond?
The Artistic Team develops a number of commissions per year based on the six projects of Beyond. The team invites artists to propose an art project. These artists are selected on the basis of their experience, suitability, and creative talent. The Artistic Team then assess these proposals for their artistic level, appeal to the public, and feasibility. The Artistic team consists of: Tom van Gestel (chairman), Liesbeth Bik, Govert Grosfeld, Nathalie Zonnenberg, Yvonne Wesselink.

How are the residents of Leidsche Rijn being involved in Beyond?
Beyond aims to stimulate the public’s involvement in a variety of ways. For a start, this website contains a great deal of information on Beyond. There is a platform on which visitors will be able to contribute their ideas. For the development of the Parasite Spots, a residents meeting was held where everyone was able to offer their thoughts on the role that mobile buildings could play in Leidsche Rijn. Furthermore, projects are announced in newsletters, folders, etc. There is also a formal method of participation. When a construction permit is needed for a structure that Beyond intends to build, the permits are open for everyone to view and the parties concerned have a say in things.

Can artists ans residents bring their own projects and ideas?
Ideas are always very welcome. The Artistic Team will study the projects and ideas to see if they fit within the framework of Beyond.


2,3 million is the annual budget for Beyond, this includes overhead, publications, pr, documentation, public programme (symposia) and projects. The budget for projects is about 1 million. This budget is multiplied by 4 by several contributions and other partners and commissioners.



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