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Lungomare is a project and exhibition space for art and design founded in 2003 by the designers Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo. Lungomare’s projects research and test, by critically questioning, the relationships between design, architecture, city planning, art and theory. The modes of presentation and mediation vary significantly; they include discussions, symposiums, publications, exhibitions and interventions in public space.

Lungomare’s program aims to interpret culture and design comprehensively and to study the concepts in their physical, social and political contexts. Questions and methods of art and design become the base for a critical position. Designers, architects and artists thereby share in the responsibility of influencing current social reality.

Since 2008 Lungomare no longer operates exclusively from its founding venue in Bolzano, but develops its projects in other cities and their peripheries, often in conversation with

other institutions and individuals. Thus the program often addresses site-specific geographical and cultural issues and looks for new ways of contextualizing formats of presentation and content.




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