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MAP Markus Ambach Projekte

MAP is an independent artist-generated platform for projects with an extensive range of interests; it main emphasis is twofold: for one thing it is interested in the discourses, productions and debates in the sphere of art and public urban space, which manifest themselves in projects in public space but also in cooperations with museums, art galleries, societies for the promotion of the fine arts, cities and institutions concerned with urban development.

On the other hand it specifically focuses on projects concerned with the various representations of nature in an urban context, including the development of projects in green public spaces such as gardens, parks and zoological gardens but also topical exhibitions and group exhibitions.

MAP fosters concepts related to urban space which blend theoretical approaches and factual working methods in order to inscribe artistic manifestations into public urban space in a direct and politically effective manner. The projects are generated contextually at specific sites in a direct dialogue between artists, theoreticians, architects, planners, scientists, the local protagonists and other sectors of society.

Projects (selection):

2017 – 2019

Von fremden Ländern in eigenen Städten – From Foreign Lands in Our Own Cities

An exhibition within the public space around Düsseldorf  central station www.vonfremdenlaendern.de


Von den Strömen der Stadt – On the Currents of the City

Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

2012 – 2016

Ein ahnungsloser Traum vom ParkAn Innocent Dream of a Park

A project within the urban space of Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach with Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

2012 – 2015

Choreografie einer Landschaft – Choreographie of an Landscape

A curatorial concept for permanent art in the public space in Bergpark Lohberg, Dinslaken with the city of Dinslaken and RAG Montan Immobilien www.choreografieeinerlandschaft.de

2012 – 2014

Der urbane Kongress – The Urban Congress

A project on the interplay of art and urban space, Cologne with Kay von Keitz  www.derurbanekongress.de

2010 / 2014

B1|A40 Die Schönheit der großen StraßeB1|A40 Beauty of the Grand Road

A project within the urban space of the motorway A40  between Duisburg and Dortmund with Urbane Künste Ruhr, the city of Bochum and the European Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010 www.b1a40.de

Photo credits:

1. Kunstrepublik, Tor des Westens (Gateway to the West), 2014 / B1|A40 Die Schönheit der großen Straße (B1|A40 Beauty of the Grand Road), Bochum, Photo: Markus Ambach

2. Christian Odzuck, Geozentrik, 2014 / Ein ahnungsloser Traum vom Park (An Innocent Dream of a Park), Mönchengladbach, Photo: Christian Odzuck

3. Jeanne van Heeswijk / Marcel van der Meijs, Der Wiederstand des kleinen Glücks (The Resistance of Small Happiness), 2010 / B1|A40 Die Schönheit der großen Straße (B1|A40 Beauty of the Grand Road), Duisburg, Photo: Falk David

4. Performance Electrics, Offroad, 2014 / B1|A40 Die Schönheit der großen Straße (B1|A40 Beauty of the Grand Road), Dortmund, Photo: Performance Electrics

5. Cornucopia, cooperation project with baker’s shop Byzantio and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 2017 / Von fremden Ländern in eigenen Städten (From Foreign Lands in Our Own Cities), Düsseldorf, Photo: Katja Illner

MAP Markus Ambach Projekte


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