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Other Sights

Other Sights is dedicated to challenging perceptions, encouraging discourse and promoting individual perspectives about shared social spaces. The collective seeks to create a presence for art in spaces and sites that are accessible to a broad public, such as the built environment, communications technologies, the media, and the street. Operating outside of the gallery context, Other Sights develops new and unexpected exhibition platforms and provides support to artists, writers and curators interested in creating temporary, critically rigorous work for highly visible locations. We collaborate and share resources with organizations and individuals in order to present projects that consider the aesthetic, economic and regulatory conditions of public places and public life.

Because each of our projects are very comprehensive and deal with completely different locations, communities, and intentions, they have operated quite independently from each other – lessons learned from one project are seldom transferable to the next one.

Other Sights is a collective of 6 art professionals with expertise in curation, project management, presentation, delivery and promotion of temporary art projects in public spaces. Other Sights operates on a project by project basis in an ongoing capacity.

Other Sights’ members bring forward curatorial proposals for the collective to consider and discuss. Selected projects are championed by the initiating member who then leads curation, fundraising, project management and public outreach. Other members of the collective are invited to join project teams as per areas of expertise and interest.

Per year an average of 2 projects is realized, depending upon scale. All selected projects have or are in the process of being realized

Other Sights has worked within 3 different revenue streams: grants, commissions, and contracts. Most of our projects involve multiple partners and funders. We have received project grants from federal, provincial, and municipal funding agencies, in addition to private Foundations. Other Sights also has a service arm which provides specific areas of expertise in support of our mandate.

Founded by:
Patrik Andersson, Lorna Brown, Barbara Cole, Colin Griffiths, Marko Simcic

Current members:
Lorna Brown, artist, independent curator, writer
Barbara Cole, artist, curatorial consultant in public art
Colin Griffiths, media technologist
Vanessa Kwan, artist, events programmer, writer
Marko Simcic, artist, architect
Jen Weih, artist, educator

Other Sights


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