urban matters

Switch on Mehringplatz – Berlin

This booklet is the final outcome of the training program developed in
Berlin by Tesserae Urban Social Research within the EULER transnational
exchange, a collaboration between organisations from Antwerp, Barcelona,
London and Berlin. The aim of our programme has been to promote
participatory methodologies for social and entrepreneurial initiatives at the
scale of the neighbourhood.

Switch On Mehringplatz has been coordinated by Lorenzo Tripodi and Laura
Colini with the collaboration of Daniele Tognozzi, Vicky Kiefer, Manuela
Conti, Paula Mangold, Sara D’Agostino, Giovanna Roncuzzi and Silvia
Assalini. The project has been developed in partnership with Supermarkt
Berlin, Vielfalt e.V. and ogino:knauss.