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Tracce Urbane

Italian Journal of Urban Studies

About the Journal

Tracce Urbane is a new journal of urban studies addressed to Italian and international scholars engaged in understanding and narrating cities and committed to urban analysis and planning.

The journal aims at creating a space for interdisciplinary study and debate on cities, focusing on topics such as peripheries, public space, differences, urban representations, practices of reappropriation/regeneration, urban policies, dwelling, new urban conflicts, cultural production, economic inequalities in urban settings.

We invite scholars from across the social sciences to submit article proposals that engage with urban studies in their local and global dimensions, drawing on case studies from anywhere in the world.

Current issue:
Vol. 10 No. 14 (2023): Cities and Urbanism Beyond Growth. Ecological transition: where is it going? Ecology, economics, and urban planning between European Green Deal and Post-Growth paradigms

Pdf for download: https://rosa.uniroma1.it/rosa03/tracce_urbane/issue/view/1671/202